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Captain Jim’s Trivia is just what the doctor ordered -- whether debating, sipping on camera, getting jumped on by kids or just enjoying the yacht rock, we all couldn’t have had more fun. – Yale College Class of 2000

Captain Jim gave our firm JUST what we needed. A healthy dose of FUN and a way to re-connect with friends and co-workers who we’ve grown to miss during this long quarantine. We are all looking forward to setting sail with him again! – Cejoi S., Stepstone Group

Our alumni had a great time participating in a private trivia event with Captain Jim! Lots of laughs and great time getting to know new alumni participants as we worked together to solve the questions. Jim and his staff keep the event floating along. – Michelle S., Director of Alumni Engagement, Westchester Community College

Captain Jim, Strap in matey for a voyage intro trivia mayhem hosted by none other than Captain Jim. A fun time was had by all and no one got seasick either. Sail on Captain! – Craig U., CEO, Hyperproof

We greatly enjoyed Captain Jim’s event! The atmosphere was fun, the networking was great within the broader group as well as our breakout team, and the questions spanned a large range of knowledge. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone looking to add some casual fun to their next program!-- Shannon S., Meeting Professionals International (Ohio)

Thank you so much for tonight - I know everyone had a blast! $2,200 was raised for the Foundation! – Lindsay G., IECA Foundation

Captain Jim's Virtual Trivia Cruise was just what the doctor ordered for our firm at the end of a long week of quarantine. People loved the friendly atmosphere, challenging questions, and opportunity to team up and do something light hearted and fun. – Sarah H., People Lead, Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co

You guys turned what could have been a crappy day into something fun – thank YOU! Now I’m all teary. – Abby Y. after her daughter’s trivia 13th birthday party

Captain Jim operates the best pub trivia business out there - virtual and also in person when pandemics are not an issue. With a backdrop of yacht rock, he takes you through four rounds of interesting and challenging trivia that ranges from pop culture to geography to ancient history. Jim keeps in funny and light and is truly a great host. Trivia nights with him are the highlight of my week! – Jessica W., Member

​My husband and I have attended various pub trivia events over the years, and no one can hold a candle to Captain Jim--his well-crafted questions, perfect level of difficulty, and great sense of humor create a fun and welcoming vibe for trivia veterans, newcomers, and everyone in between. We were lucky to also attend an amazing private trivia event that Jim personalized in the most clever and thoughtful ways. – Amy N., Member

Captain Jim's Trivia Night has literally preserved my sanity during these Covid times and I enjoy the Themed Thursday Zoom Nights immensely. Jim Dale is a trivia craftsman and each theme and round is expertly designed to afford a great experience to all who you attend. It is challenging but that's how I like it - I would highly recommend any trivia experience that Captain Jim is offering now and in the future. Trivia Ahoy!!! – Robert D., Member

Such a life saver! Captain Jim is a great trivia host who brought us something to look forward to in quarantine so much fun we are still playing! Thank you for giving us a life raft during such turbulent times! – Delia E., Member

Captain Jim keeps the night so entertaining that there's always another minor headscratcher or catchy name-that-tune song just around the corner to keep things light. The captain's trivia games are some of the most fun I've had this past year. – Andrew B., Member

Captain Jim has kept my family and friends entertained online since the beginning of the pandemic. His online trivia events are fun well crafted—and he keeps you on your toes with his well researched questions. He’s a great host that engages everyone with his very friendly and warm presence. – Pato P., Member

I have seen Jim in performance and have the highest admiration for his ability to craft, control, and deliver on short notice and in stressful situations. You could not ask for a person better suited to keep his head about him while all around are losing theirs. Such a sense of perspective and focus on the goal is a quality anyone should want. – Thomas K., Member

Captain Jim is great to work with. My teammates and I love the weekly trivia sessions that Captain Jim organizes. He's well organized and makes the trivia sessions a lot of fun with. He also has a great personality which makes the experience even better. Join Captain Jim's trivia sessions if you have time - you won't regret it. – Anthony T., Member

What a fun Saturday night we have playing with captain Jim! Everyone should join us for a fun night of trivia that always amazes and sometimes stumps us! – Alison B., Member

“Captain” Jim Dale hosts the best trivia nights I have participated in. Not only are the trivia questions themselves well-crafted, with layers of hidden themes, but Jim himself is an incredibly funny and engaging host. – Marco D., Member


Captain Jim creates the perfect escape, where the goal of the trivia is the vibe. The competition is fun, but the whole game is just relaxing. – Al B., Member

Jim is the best. We go every week and have so much fun. Ahoy! – Tom R., Member

It's always a fun time taking a 90 minute tour on the trivia yacht. – Rick T., Member

A great way to spend an evening~Captain Jim makes it super fun! You may even learn something. A win-win! – Naomi O., Member

We LOVE your trivia!!!! – Nicole S., Member

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