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 I think that if you aren’t having a good time, it is almost impossible to win. Relaxing, being around different people, even vibing to the Bee Gees, is all part of the experience and the gameplay. I don’t know how Captain Jim pulls it off. -- Jessica W., Member

Captain Jim's Virtual Trivia Cruise was just what the doctor ordered for our firm at the end of a long week of quarantine. People loved the friendly atmosphere, challenging questions, and opportunity to team up and do something light hearted and fun. – Sarah H., People Lead, Gilder, Gagon, Howe & Co.

Captain Jim gave our firm JUST what we needed. A healthy dose of FUN and a way to re-connect with friends and co-workers who we’ve grown to miss during this long quarantine. We are all looking forward to setting sail with him again! -- Cejoi S., Stepstone Group

Captain Jim’s Trivia is just what the doctor ordered -- whether debating, sipping on camera, getting jumped on by kids or just enjoying the yacht rock, we all couldn’t have had more fun. – Yale College Class of 2000

My husband and I have attended various pub trivia events over the years, and no one can hold a candle to Captain Jim--his well-crafted questions, perfect level of difficulty, and great sense of humor create a fun and welcoming vibe for trivia veterans, newcomers, and everyone in between. We were lucky to also attend an amazing private trivia event that Jim personalized in the most clever and thoughtful ways. -- Amy N.

You guys turned what could have been a crappy day into something fun – thank YOU! Now I’m all teary. – Abby Y. after her daughter’s trivia 13th birthday party

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