On June 24, season 2 of the beloved CaptainJimsTrivia.com Pocket Protector Wednesdays sets sail, lasting for 6 weeks. The Captain's famous trivia, on the rocks or neat, with a twist of nerdy flair. This particular league is all about the questions themselves.




1.) Six weeks of trivia, every Wednesday at 8:30 EST, with questions that are fit for the high school quiz bowl champion, aspiring game show contestant and know-it-all.

2.) A dedicated league page on CaptainJimsTrivia.com which includes chat, scoring, Captain Commentary and rules.

3.) Questions just for your league, hosted Captain-Jim style. Pocket Protector Wednesdays will be a little more challenging so bring your Jeopardy contestant mindset.

4.) The Captain's reputation is on the line -- can anyone get a perfect score?


To Sign Up:


1.) Purchase this item.

2.) You will receive an email to register your team on the TEAM LEAGUE page. Captain Jim will give your league a name that somehow makes sense.

  • When you receive the email, you will be asked to indicate a team name and to indicate how you will answer questions

3.) Once you are registered, you will be given exclusive access to your league page for all of your team members.




How is the game hosted?

On Zoom -- you will get a website and password that you use for all six weeks -- you are reminded of it, as well as the theme, once per week, just in case. Answers are submitted at the end of each round at CaptainJimsTrivia.com/answers. You can choose to be on camera or not -- about 60% of players like to be seen, but bathrobe players welcome.



Make a Teams, Facebook, text, WhatsApp, FaceTime or... whatever... chat to play with your friends while the game is going on -- that's what most people do. There are single players and teams as big as 6.


Will I feel dumb?

This is "not an intelligence test." The grading scale is sorta like high school -- no one gets a 0, as early questions warm us up and make us feel good. It is also VERY hard to get a perfect score, but like any high school, there is always someone trying to do so. Captain Jim just goes with the flow, plays yacht rock and focuses on the good time -- scores span a very wide range in a typical game.



This is not multiple choice so everything is handscored by Captain Jim's deckhands. It usually happens pretty quickly... but please be patient. If you feel you have been docked (ha!) a point unfairly, just let the Captain know in game and we will resolve it. It's all about the mood, baby, and epic debates like "should Boogie Woogie" count for the song title "Boogie Oogie Oogie" do pop up (actual example), and we just work it out so we can get back to our mai tais.


How do I know my answers were submitted?

You will get a confirmation below the "Submit" button for each round AND an email sent to your inbox.


I could look this stuff up?

Totally true. The Captain Jim's Trivia Yacht runs totally on the Honor Code. No cheating has been detected yet because we are all in this together. Anyone with Shazam and Google could solve all of this by the end of the round -- not the point. The point is the vibe, the people and the pointless knowledge. Dive in!

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