Captain Jim’s Trivia – The trivia that is both curiously competitive and perfect with a Cape Codder or Piña Colada, drenched in yacht rock.


Make your next corporate conference, catered party, virtual meeting or get-together an EXPEDITION.


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Join the Yacht Rock Trivia that is "Not an Intelligence Test"

What They Are Saying

Captain Jim’s Trivia is just what the doctor ordered -- whether debating, sipping on camera, getting jumped on by kids or just enjoying the yacht rock, we all couldn’t have had more fun. – Yale College Class of 2000

Captain Jim gave our firm JUST what we needed. A healthy dose of FUN and a way to re-connect with friends and co-workers who we’ve grown to miss during this long quarantine. We are all looking forward to setting sail with him again! -- Cejoi S., Stepstone Group

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Round 1: 10 questions, increasing in difficulty.

Round 2: 8 questions, all audio/music clues. Name the artist or song title.

Round 3: “Who Am I” – 8 questions, where the answers relate to a famous person. Two ways to score points: A. 1 point per question B. Guess who the famous person is – each team gets one guess. The earlier the team guesses, the more points they score. The Captain Jim signature round where teamwork is so important.

Round 4: 10 visual questions on a theme, like ‘car logos,’ ‘cartoon dogs’ or ‘famous guitarists.’

Sit back, escape and enjoy the yacht rock!

How It Works

The yacht rock “not an intelligence test” made for company fun, where the goal is bonding on the trivia seas


Step 1: As Captain Jim’s Trivia works best in teams, we will divide your people into groups

Step 2: We will send instructions on how to get onboard and how game play works. The technology requirements are low so everyone can have a good time

Step 3: After that, your people and you can just sign on and we will take care of the rest with our four round trivia. Sit back, relax and escape.

Thank you for cruising with Captain Jim’s Trivia!











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